Build Simcity Buildit In An Easy Way With Lesser Time

The main feature of SimCity Buildit is to build your cities, the way you want it. In the app, the residential zone is the assigned area where you are supposed to build your home. You will see your residential buildings on display on the map. These come with all the statistics. Your total numbers of building, how many of them are ready for an upgrade and how many of them are abandoned. The entire detail is shown to you for better understanding.

Different views to your city

simcity buildit review

Being a high-quality graphic game, it provides with various viewing options. The birdseye view of the city is for your knowledge of the city’s progress.

  • Land View of your city shows it in varying shades of blue on the city map. The darker blue areas on the map are an indication of it being more desirable. It is known as the land view.
  • Darker the blue, the more that particular area is expected to have specializations and services. Wealthier citizens tend to build their house there, so try to place your zones in this field.
  • The weather forecast shows the city map in a combination of yellow and orange. The weather forecast is mainly done to check the effect of land value on you next residential update.

Ways to build

Making buildings and setting them up is a big challenge. Proper positioning of building along with convenient population number would lead to more coin collection. Lets take a look towards this with simple SimCity Build It Cheats.

  • To build, you have to drag the residential zone to the city map. Your building should be within the white outline shown on the field. Make it sure to build in next to the road and not on any other property.
  • You can tap on the yellow hard hat button to check out your building plans. Building plans show the materials that you need to build the home along with its population. You are eligible to earn game cash and XP on the completion of the construction.
  • The green tick mark next to the hard hat icon is an indication that you have all required materials available. Being a time-based game, if you are short of time, you can buy the missing materials rather than manufacturing them.

Get a new architect

Building plans might not always be the way you will like. You can always check out other options to change them.

  • You can change the plan if you do not like materials.It is done by tapping on the Reshuffle New Plan option.
  • Getting new building plans may be a little time consuming. Check on the total duration needed by tapping on the blue timer icon.
  • On collecting all the items, all you have to do is drag those to the top of the residential zone. Not only will it complete your building, but you will also be rewarded with XP and game cash.

Some more information

To increase your population count, update your residential zone. Upgrading your residential zones also keeps your citizen’s happiness level up. An indication of an update is the yellow hard hat. Before upgrading the building, check your building plans and rewards. An inbuilt feature of the application is that the building automatically rotates itself to face the road. In case citizens begin to move out of your residential zone, it will not affect your services. You have to make that area safe so that your citizen can move back into it later.


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